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  • Elizabeth Hagins

The Chronicle-Independent: Letter: Give the equine industry a chance

Elizabeth Hagins

Kip Elser’s Letter to the Editor (Friday, Feb. 3, 2023) described our vulnerable equine industry concisely and pragmatically, taking the issue above and beyond what some people erroneously think of as “a rich person’s problem.” The facts he presented speak volumes: this is an industry that supports many different kinds of work at all levels. For some, it is essential to their livelihood, but its struggles should concern all of us in the community.

The pending legislation known as the South Carolina Equine Advancement Act seems to have merit, and will be vital to all related horse businesses. I hope that the Chronicle will follow up w d Kershaw County residents can do to help -- at a minimum supporting this bill through contacting our legislators.

Perhaps a concerned group can circulate a petition, which would then be forwarded to our state and even our local representatives.

We should not further erode an economic sector that supports a broad swath of residents of our area, nor diminish a history and a heritage that is a deep-rooted and dearly loved part of Camden.

Elizabeth Hagins

Camden, South Carolina


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