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  • Caroline Knight


Many South Carolinians may not realize that we are home to one of the most endangered horse breeds in the world – the Marsh Tacky, a Spanish Colonial horse breed whose roots run deep in South Carolina’s history.

Only 500 remain today.

The presence of Spanish Colonial horses in America dates to the 1500s when explorers brought them to our shores. The horses made their way to South Carolina through trade routes and found refuge in the isolated parts of the Lowcountry.

The vitality of the Marsh Tacky breed and preserving its heritage in South Carolina are important to our state and its culture, as well as our equine industry.

The S.C. Equine Advancement Act provides a unique opportunity to assist nonprofits like the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association with saving and preserving this culturally and historically important horse by providing new funding streams to assist with programming, staffing, and medical supplies.

In 2010, our state legislators named the Marsh Tacky as South Carolina’s State Heritage Horse. By passing the S.C. Equine Advancement Act, our legislators would be continuing the effort to revitalize our state’s long-standing equine heritage.


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