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  • Matthew Key

The Times and Democrat: Letters: Urban Sprawl is SC Problem

Urban sprawl in South Carolina is rapidly encroaching on agricultural farmland, directly impacting our equine industry. This primarily affects counties like Orangeburg, Williamsburg, and Lexington, where low-density residential land (LDR) makes up a significant portion of the land holdings.

As developers look to build new communities near urban centers, we risk erasing much-needed land that supports our farms, agrarian businesses, and the equine industry.

Fortunately, the S.C. Equine Advancement Act is a tool that has the potential to conserve land and ensure future generations have access to it. This legislation provides a mechanism for grant funding that can be used to safeguard horse trail systems and allows agricultural landowners to better protect their land, hopefully preventing further development and sprawl. This grant funding could be a resource for maintaining the open space horses need for their well-being.

By enacting the SC Equine Advancement Act, we can immediately begin preserving our natural resources and ensuring our children can carry on the agrarian heritage deeply instilled in South Carolina’s history.

-Matthew Key, Mount Pleasant


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